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In the present age, a rebellion is, of all things, the most unthinkable.
The once-proud act of writing has lost almost all its mystique.
I am finally owning up to being the author behind the pseudonymous texts.
Any text is the absorption and transformation of another
to analyse what had happened in an entirely new structure of philosophical categories. 

It's a miserable existence to be a genius in a provincial town
I am a decentered self that exists in many worlds
constructing new models of flexible, changeable, adaptable selves -
the new locations for fantasies, both erotic and intellectual -
involuntarily reveal crucial aspects of identity.
A predominant concept is the distinction between without and within.

constructivist sublimation states that government is capable of significance
contextualised into a subtextual capitalism.
Certain protections have been set up to prevent this chaos from occurring.
otherwise, reality comes from the collective unconscious.